Samsung Launching Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in 2018, 9th August: Remembering The Galaxy Note 7 & 8

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The Samsung brand is launching new smart phone that name is Galaxy Note 9. This android device is all set to be launching on August 9. The brand new and popular series of Galaxy Note will come two years after Samsung’s disastrous run with Galaxy Note 7. Ahead of the official launch, Samsung is hinting at a major improvement to the battery — something that the company didn’t fix in the Galaxy Note 7 leading to a PR nightmare for the Korean smartphone giant.

About: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung made a strong comeback next year with Galaxy Note 8, a phone that was well received around the world. According to a Counterpoint Report, Note 8 was among the top-selling premium phones in India in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded and still in Use?

As we know that, on 23rd, 2017, January Samsung came out with a detailed report on why its Galaxy Note 7 phones caught fire and exploded. According to reports, the Korean giant had deployed around 700 researchers and engineers on its investigation.

Samsung brand: A short circuit within the battery may occur when there is damage to the separator that allows the positive and negative electrodes to meet within the jellyroll. Based on a detailed analysis of the affected batteries, both Battery A from the 1st recall and Battery B from the 2nd recall, we identified separate factors that originated in and were specific to the two different batteries,” explained Samsung on its website.

Related to Samsung Note 7 reports, some users are still clinging on to the old Note 7 units. Fortunately, these phones are not properly functional. Reports suggest some users have rooted the phone to skip the software updates that blocked functionalities on the Note 7. Even Samsung on its website says, “Nearly all recalled Galaxy Note7 devices have been returned.”