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Onlive Server: The Cheapest and Most Flexible Malaysia VPS Server

Onlive Server is one of the most flexible and cheap VPS hosting providers in Malaysia. We offer a wide range of Malaysia VPS Server, shared and dedicated servers, and cloud hosting solutions.

Our mission is to provide businesses with quality hosting and reliable support that is affordable for small businesses and medium companies. We can help you get your website online quickly at a very reasonable price. Our team of professionals will customize your cloud server according to your needs and requirements.

About VPS Server

VPS server hosting is a type of virtual private server (VPS) where the virtual machine is hosted on a physical server. But not run as a full virtual machine. The primary distinction between this kind of hosting and other kinds of VPS hosting is. That we allocate hardware resources specifically for the needs of the clients. This entails that you can utilize all of the CPU, RAM, and disc space that you have been given without hurting other users or apps.

Benefits of VPS Server

The main advantage of this type of hosting is that you have full control over the operating system and software used by the virtual machine.

High Availability: With this type of hosting, your site will always be up and running even if there are problems with one server in your network.

Fast Networking: Most VPS servers provide faster connectivity between servers because each server is connected directly to its own physical network. Instead of being part of a shared network like with shared hosting plans.

Low Cost: You can save money by choosing low-cost VPS plans which include only enough resources for your needs while paying less than what you would pay for high-end shared plans.

Advantages of VPS Server

1. High Performance: VPS server is a high-performance dedicated server with multiple CPU cores and RAM. This means that it can handle more work without slowing down.

2. Flexible: VPS servers have more control over the operating system and software configuration. You can install any program or application you want on them, including customized ones for your business.

3. Faster Upgrades: Upgrading to a new version of your operating system or other software versions is easy with VPS hosting plans because they provide the tools to do so quickly and efficiently.

4. Manageable Costs: The cost per month for a virtual private server is less expensive than shared hosting plans, especially if you want to upgrade your website or add more resources to it later on down the road!

One of the biggest advantages of VPS hosting is that it gives you a lot more control over your server than shared hosting. This is because you have direct access to all the resources like RAM, CPU, and Hard Disk space that are allotted to your account. You can also do things like upgrading your operating system and adding additional software packages to enhance its performance.

Superior Features of VPS Server

Another great benefit of VPS hosting is that there are no limitations imposed on how much traffic you can receive on your website or application. In addition, you get unlimited disk space for hosting content on your website and applications and unlimited bandwidth for sending emails and conducting other business activities through email.

Why Choose us?

We are a professional Malaysia VPS Server hosting provider with a strong reputation in the industry. We offer our clients the cheapest and most flexible VPS servers available on the market.

In fact, we could provide you with this low-cost solution because of our unique approach to server management. I have always known us for our innovative technology solutions and it is now time to show you how we can improve your business with our experienced team of technically minded professionals.

We understand what matters most to you. So we have developed an all-inclusive package that will meet all your needs, including high performance and reliability at an affordable price.

With our reliable hosting your website will be up and running 24/7 without worrying about downtime or service interruptions. This way, you can focus on growing your business without having to worry about technical issues that could prevent you from doing so.

High Security

All our servers are protected by a combination of hardware and software firewalls. We also have our own security team who constantly monitor the server 24/7. Ensuring that it is always free from any sort of intrusion or suspicious activity. In addition to this, we also have access to multiple layers of redundancy UPS systems in order to ensure. The continued availability of your website during any natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances.

24/7 Technical Support

We offer your website the best hosting option available. We have a team of expert web developers and programmers who can help you with any technical issues you face. Our 24/7 Technical Support team is available to provide customer support for all your queries, concerns, and issues related to your website.

We provide a large range of VPS Hosting Packages from which our customers can choose according to their needs and requirements. Our packages come with different tiers, features, and specifications depending on the budget available for your business.


Onlive Server’s Best Malaysia VPS Servers are a great way to host your websites, blogs, and applications in Malaysia. With powerful hardware, excellent connectivity, and a reliable uptime guarantee, our VPS Servers are the best choice for any business.

Our VPS Servers are built with the latest technology from top providers. They come with all the features you need to run your business including CPU cores, RAM, and SSD storage.