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Which Is A Key Feature Of Satellite 5g Technology?

What does the SPL 5G mean for space? The latest generation 5G Satellite Communication: Market Business Outlook Forecast to 2025 | Based on 2021 & COVID-19 Worldwide Spread | Quortus, OHB SE, Intelsat, Avanti Communications Group PLC, 5G Satellite Communication Market 2021 includes a COVID19 Outbreak Impact Analysis of major factors impacting the market growth. […]


Telework, Change of Position

There are already many companies today that have joined teleworking to mitigate the contagion of the COVID-19 virus. Following the recommendation of the Public Administrations regarding the measures to face the crisis triggered by the global pandemic: “Companies will have to promote teleworking when circumstances permit.” The vast majority of companies in Spain were not prepared to implement teleworking. According […]