Light-weight & Easy-to-use editing tool

Coolcut — All-in-one video editor for using! * Powerful Video Editor Create videos easily, added subtitles, music, Hollywood titles and filter effects etc. * 4K & HD Export Support 4K definition and multiple video formats output. * Featured Toolbox Lots of great editing features available that take your video to the next level. Easy to […]

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Empower Your IT Team and Essential Workflow with Active@ Data Studio 23 Utility Suite

Working in the IT field requires critical workflow efficiency to keep up with the numerous demands of both internal teams and external stakeholders. Even with those challenges, there is a game-changing solution that will boost your workflow through a comprehensive suite of powerful disk utilities. Active@ Data Studio 23 addresses the many difficulties you may […]

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SecureIT File Encryption Software: Encrypt Any Data, Any PC, Any Media

Cypherix announces the release of SecureIT (17.0.2 series), 448-bit file, folder encryption software. Version 17.0.2 contains several major enhancements. A detailed list of new features is available on the Cypherix website. Secure IT encrypts any type of data on any Windows PC on any kind of media including removable Drives (USB Flash Drive). SecureIT is […]

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Ferro Backup System 6.3 with Performance Monitoring

June 7, 2023 – Ferro Software announced the release of Ferro Backup System 6.3. The new version includes numerous enhancements and improvements. One of the key features is the ability to continuously monitor disk, processor, and network utilization on computers undergoing backup, as well as on the backup server. This change allows administrators to perform […]

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TSplus Streamlines Product Focus, Shifts Strategy from TSplus Remote Work

June 14, 2023 — TSplus has announced a strategic update to its product lineup. In a move to better align with customer needs and core expertise, TSplus will no longer promote or sell TSplus Remote Work online. TSplus Remote Work was developed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing an affordable, user-friendly, and secure […]

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ACD Systems Launches Luxea Pro Video Editor 7: Unleash Your Creativity, Keyframe by Keyframe

VICTORIA, BC (June 14, 2023) – Today, ACD Systems International launches LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7, their latest version of video editing software bringing even more power, control, and creativity to make videos truly shine. LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7 offers a comprehensive suite of tools to create, produce, and share stunning videos with ease. […]

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Imagine having a handy tool to safely recover and restore lost or accidentally deleted files

June 23, 2023: Everyone’s lives revolve around using the latest technology. Whether we like it or not, family photos, old digitized videos, and even sales receipts for new iPhones are always sitting around our computers. With all that data, accidental file deletion or disk formatting can be a devastating experience. Fortunately, a powerful tool can […]

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Simplify Creating, Editing, and Formatting Partitions with Active@ Partition Manager 23

June 12, 2023: This new and improved software makes creating, editing, deleting, and formatting partitions a breeze. It is the ultimate in disk management that offers a wide range of unique features and tools ideal for those advanced users at home as well as full IT teams in massive networks or businesses. With Active@ Partition […]

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Elcomsoft tools gain support for NVIDIA Ada Lovelace boards, nearly double password recovery speeds

We updated Advanced Office Password Recovery, adding support for the latest generation of NVIDIA RTX boards based on the Ada Lovelace architecture. The resulting performance increase nearly doubles the password recovery speeds of respective formats. Depending on execution environment, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 boards series video cards deliver 70 to 90 per cent more performance […]

Anti-DDoS USA Dedicated Server
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Apply These Unlimited Size Anti-DDoS USA Dedicated Server to Improve Website

Performance is one of the most critical factors when hosting your website. In this article, Jim reveals how an Unlimited Size USA Dedicated Server can help to improve website performance, how it can also protect against DDoS attacks, and how long it lasts. We all know that our websites are constantly under attack from DDoS […]