Qard Digital Business Card Promote Your Business With Single Tap

It is critical to connecting with others as an entrepreneur, influencer, or professional. Contact information, social media profiles, and links to online material can all be displayed on business cards. Business cards are a window into the potential quality of a company’s products or services for clients and customers in general. Some stunning facts demonstrate its significance. An overwhelming majority of 72 percent of individuals create a judgment about a firm based on the quality of its business card, according to a survey.

Staying connected is a unique feature of the digital world we live in. Social connections are a vital aspect of who we are, whether it’s making new friends, sharing your business online, or getting money.

Introducing Qard Digital Business Card

Qard creates and manages NFC cards and QR codes for all of your profiles, websites, and contact information. It may now display all of your social profiles, account information, and share your profile from a single tap.

How Qard Smart Business Card Works

All of your links may be managed in one spot. Add and edit links to your profile, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, among over 15 others. This might include everything from the contact information (email address, phone number, etc.) to all of the most popular social media apps and private web connections. Simply type in your username, and Qard will handle the rest.
Don’t feel obligated to have everything at once because your information is saved locally and may be altered at any moment. You can also customize the card’s image, color scheme, and title.

When finished, the card will have a QR code. With a few taps, you can quickly share links to your online store, social profiles, and contact information from a single location. Usernames and websites will no longer have to be spelled. Potential customers and new friends/connections can now easily scan your personal QR code to connect with your contactless online account.