Best Party Cities in Asia

If you are traveling in Asia or are already there, you are probably wondering which city is the best partying destination for you. Asia offers a diverse range of bars, hotels and partying option for you to choose from. Some of the best cities for partying in Asia include

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a lively city with a diverse offering in terms of nightlife. Hong Kong is a renowned world travel destination, therefore, has a lively nightlife to keep the visitors entertained. While most of the bars and restaurants are located in the central region of Hong Kong, you will still find a few rooftop bars in the island region. These areas have party activities suitable for family events and wild partying as well. Since all this partying is likely to leave you frazzled, you may be considering some Hong Kong massage. Hong Kong has many affordable massage joints with a variety of offerings such as reflexology and full body massages. Some of the best massage joints include Halite, Zen Joy, Happy Foot and Pure Massage.

Shanghai is one of the best partying destinations for you and your friends. It is an extravagant destination suitable for group activities. While the city is quite expensive, it offers you a diverse selection of clubs and hotels with diverse entertainment schedules. The city is also easy to get around, therefore, finding your perfect partying spot should not be a problem. The fast-growing city allows you to interact with a variety of people both local and the expat community. 


Bangkok is a suitable partying destination for the reserved party person. Since Bangkok receives a lot of tourists, the nightlife is tailored to meet the diverse needs of these tourists. However, the presence of too many tourists may be quite irritating. The bars and hotels offer cheap and affordable entertainment options. The 1 AM curfew will most likely deter the wild party animal so you should be aware of this if you are partying in Bangkok. 

Metro Manila

The metropolitan area of Manila is one of the best places for partying in Asia. With the city receiving considerably few tourists, you are sure to enjoy a night without the crowded touristy feeling. There are many affordable bars and hotels in Metro Manila beside having friendly locals you will enjoy interacting with. These bars and restaurants offer a diverse range of entertainment options for you to choose from. Some of the entertainment events include midget boxing and casinos, the latter is available day and night. 


Kuta is one of the best partying destinations in Bali. Partying in Kuta begins with the impressive sunset you can view from the beach. After the sun goes down, darkness is welcomed with a buzzing nightlife in the numerous bars and nightclubs in the city. These clubs play both local and international music of all genres, which means Kuta has got your diverse tastes covered. Some hotel such as Kayun Hostel downtown is a suitable destination for sampling the Bali cuisines and enjoying the nightclub facilities within the hotel.