Why your supplier MUST deliver vacuum-packed mattresses in COVID times?

One of the best things to happen to the modern day mattresses is the way they are packed and delivered to your door step. While vacuum packaging has immense benefits for any product with which it is used, it has special benefits when it is used for packing mattresses.

How are mattresses vacuum-packed?

The vacuum packing in mattresses involves three different steps:

  1. The mattress is compressed.
  2. It is rolled and sealed in a special insulated film.
  3. It is vacuum-packed and slid into a compact box.

Since there is no human contact in the entire process and it is completely done by the machines, hygiene is guaranteed.

Here are some of the benefits you enjoy when you buy vacuum packed mattress online.

Benefits of vacuum-packed mattresses

  1. Eases handling and transportation

One of the greatest advantages of having vacuum packing for the mattresses is that it reduces its size about 90% and makes its handling and transportation much easier than otherwise.

  1. No human contact guarantees hygiene

Since the entire process is accomplished by machines without any human contact, 100% hygiene of the product is guaranteed.

  1. Prevents growth of allergens and bacteria

Once the mattress is vacuum packed, it completely cuts out air or atmospheric oxygen. This prevents growth of bacteria or any other kind of allergens from breeding.

  1. Limits the spread of viruses

If you read the points 4 and 5 above, you will immediately relate them to the current pandemic scenario. The vacuum packing has also served as a boon in the current COVID times. Since there is no human touch while packing the mattresses, one can be assured of not just the hygiene but also protection against viruses that are easily spread like the Corona Virus.

  1. Is equally easy to unpack

And it just does not end here! As much as a vacuum packed mattress is easy to be transported and delivered, it is equally easy to unpack and start using it. Once the vacuum packing is opened, the mattress slowly regains its original shape and volume and is ready to be used in no time at all.

  1. Is an environment-friendly choice

The entire process is an environment friendly choice and involves less wastage of resources when compared to other forms of packaging and transportation.

The Final Word

If buying a mattress has been on your cards for long but you have been postponing it due to the current scenario, you know exactly what to do. Just look for a vacuum packed mattress supplier online, make your purchases and wait for your favourite mattress to arrive—clean, hygienic and allergen-free!

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