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If your business is growing every day and your E-commerce websites are getting a lot of traffic and taking a long time to load, it’s time to upgrade your hosting plans or resources. There are different kinds of hosting available from the web host, such as shared, SSD, and VPS. You can choose whichever one is best for your online store. Still, if these plans don’t work for your E-commerce site, you can think about the highest web hosting level, USA Dedicated Server.

A Dedicated Server is a web hosting that only one client can use at a time. Dedicated Server is a full-service web host that gives you a lot of unique features and benefits. You can use it to change your plans or take care of the information on your E-commerce site. From this guide, you can learn important things. So, it’s clear why the Managed Dedicated Server in the USA from Onlive Server is the best choice for your E-commerce site.

Why Managed Dedicated Hosting is best?

Managed Dedicated Server is a type of remote hosting where the web host takes care of all the server tasks, such as Setup, administration, support, or full management of your E-commerce website. Only people who need them can use the resources and services. It means that the data for your E-commerce website can be kept on its own Server and won’t be affected by problems that can happen when data is shared. Aside from that, it gives you a lot of reliable and scalable resources, and you can even upgrade your dedicated resources if you want to. Managed USA Dedicated Server gives you high security, proactive support, auto-scaling, bandwidth, file storage, and much more. It also has all the features and benefits a business could want. So, the best place for your E-commerce website’s data to be handled is in the United States.

Dedicated Server Pros

It gives you managed services that are all yours. It has a lot of important, high-quality benefits and good customer service. So, we made a list of the unique advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting for managing the data on your E-commerce site. It is made up of:

With the best software and hardware specs, Dedicated Server gives you a large Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Drive (SSD) with less redundancy. These speeds up the time it takes for your web pages to load, giving you Extreme Performance.

A dedicated server is always online because it is constantly being watched and has backup cooling systems and emergency generators.

It gives you expert and proactive support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year through Live Chat, phone, Skype, WhatsApp, and a ticket system.

Because you have full SSH access and control at the root level, Dedicated Server Hosting makes it easy to manage the data on your e-commerce site.

If your E-commerce site has “Uncapped Bandwidth,” you don’t have to worry about how many people visit it.

Full Root & Shell Access (SSH) gives you full control over the Server so you can manage and set it up to meet the needs of your e-commerce website.

With the above high-quality benefits, a Cheap Dedicated Server easily handles your E-commerce business’s data. So, you can organise your data and information in a way that makes sense. You can now see why your e-commerce site needs to be hosted on a dedicated server.

Why should you host your online store on a dedicated server in the USA?

Your E-commerce site will run faster, and web pages will load faster if you have a dedicated server in the USA. For an E-commerce site, website speed is important because a slow site means losing potential customers, sales, revenue, and a lot more. So, USA’s Dedicated Server hosting takes care of speed issues so that the end-user has a good time. So, read the information below to make your website work better and have less downtime.

Server Flexibility

With USA Dedicated Hosting, you can set up your website to give you more freedom to manage and organise data. You can do whatever you want when you have a dedicated server. Using full root access, you can set up your Server for your E-commerce site with the powerful hosting package. Using the options in the control panel, you can do this. So, if you have access to the root shell, you can easily work with your e-commerce site’s data and install a wide range of custom applications and scripts.

A platform for proactive, secure hosting for corporations

People can worry a lot about security when they talk about the shared Server. Large companies that need to keep track of their data often use the USA Dedicated Server because it has more and better security. So, a Dedicated Server is the best way to keep the data on your E-commerce website safe because it has the best DDoS protection, antivirus, malware protection, password-protected security, and end-to-end data encryption security.

Choose Onlive Server if you’re in the USA and want to buy a dedicated server.

You should find a good web host to run a successful online business. So, before you choose the best USA Dedicated Server Hosting provider, ensure your E-commerce website gets the best services and support your company offers. With the Onlive Server Cloud Data Center, you can manage your E-Commerce website in one place. This is because it gives you more server flexibility, helps you manage your IP reputation, and gives you proactive security, full root shell control, unlimited bandwidth, and many other benefits for running E-Commerce sites. So, many people think it’s one of the best web hosts for your E-commerce business.


The best and easiest way for your e-commerce business to keep data safe is to use a USA Dedicated Server Hosting. It might be a little more expensive than another web hosting, but it cuts down on all the management tasks and problems that affect uptime, speed, and website performance. When you buy the cheap Dedicated Server USA hosting package from Onlive Server, they will help you set up your e-commerce site by installing security software patches and providing technical support around the clock.