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TSplus Streamlines Product Focus, Shifts Strategy from TSplus Remote Work

June 14, 2023 — TSplus has announced a strategic update to its product lineup. In a move to better align with customer needs and core expertise, TSplus will no longer promote or sell TSplus Remote Work online.

TSplus Remote Work was developed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing an affordable, user-friendly, and secure solution for businesses transitioning to remote work. As the crisis subsides and traditional work settings regain prominence, TSplus has decided to reevaluate its product offerings and concentrate on its core strengths.

CEO Dominique Benoit explains, “We remain committed to meeting our customers’ needs with innovative solutions. While TSplus Remote Work played a crucial role during the pandemic, it’s now time to focus on our core products. This strategic decision will allow us to enhance and expand our offerings, providing even greater value to our customers.”

D. Benoit, CEO

Existing TSplus Remote Work customers, partners, and users will continue to receive support, active licenses will remain valid, and security updates will be provided. The support team will be available to address any inquiries or concerns.

To ensure ongoing accessibility, TSplus has created a “legacy products” category on its website at . Customers and IT professionals can access technical and marketing documentation related to TSplus Remote Work from this category.

TSplus continues to invite customers, partners, and IT professionals to explore its range of remote desktop software solutions. The updated Product catalog is available online on the following web page: . For inquiries or more information on TSplus’ product offerings, or requests regarding TSplus Remote Work, interested parties are encouraged to contact the sales team at They will be happy to assist and provide detailed information on how TSplus can meet specific business requirements.

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