World population day 2021
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Today Population Day is celebrating all over the world

Everyone can understand and thinks about reducing the growing population. By the reason of the population explosion, many deadly diseases have developed. World Population Day 2020 is celebrated every year on 11 July to show awareness to the growing population of the world. In terms of population, China is number one in the world with the world’s best technology. It is followed by India at the second number and the United States at number three, Indonesia at fourth and Pakistan at fifth. With the increasing population, the problems and difficulties of the people are also increasing day by day. Continuously Increasing population is a fact of concern for many developing countries including India, China. So here we are realizing how the growing population affects health, apart from poverty and hunger. Let’s take a look at the population in easement-

More than 1 crore population of India increased in a year

1-The United States has shown figures quoting World meter elaboration, a website that analyses population growth rates. The population of India has crossed 139 crores (1,393,790,539) in the figures displayed on 9 July 2021 (Friday). In the previous year (in 2020), the population of India was 138 crores and it is understandable that within a year the population of the country has increased by 10 million.

The increasing population is also responsible for many Airborne diseases.

You will be amused to know that human health is in deep danger due to the dense population. With the passing of everyday airborne diseases are easily and fastly spreading among the increasing population. As it has also become clear in research that covid and monsoon diseases also spread through the air. Population increase meant has also given birth to issues like urban congestion and environmental changes, resulting in the emergence of many infectious diseases. In the upcoming days, these diseases may be spread very dangerously.

  • TV (Tuberculosis)
  • Malaria
  • Cholera
  • Dengue fever
  • Infectious diseases
  • Pollute water is also a big reason of deadly diseases

The problem of water is also increasing regularly due to more population. Drinking water is not available for a vast population and drinking infected water is also affecting their health. Many people also die every year due to diseases caused by contaminated water. Because the virus spreads so smoothly in a dense population and mutations also lead to new lethal variants.

The more the population, the less fresh air-

With the increasing population, the number of people traveling by vehicles is also increasing swiftly. Due to increasing air pollution, it is becoming difficult for people to breathe fresh air. There is increasing awareness about the health issues caused by traffic on the road. Toxic gas in the air is spreading a more negative effect on the health of children more than adults. By its effect, most of the people are suffering from respiratory problems due to unfresh air. So, we have to think about the rapid increment of population.

Sofia Zamin, who is operating the sterilization program, told that July 11 is World Population Day. Population Stabilization Fortnight will start from this day, which will run till July 31. During this time there will be awareness programs and seminars. Details will be given about the problems and difficulties caused by population growth and easy measures for family planning. Mainly by removing the doubts of men about sterilization, they will be motivated for it. so be aware of population increment on this population day.