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Summer vacation: Croatia vs. Italy

So you’ve narrowed down your summer destination picks to Croatia and Italy and are now scratching your head as to which place proves the better choice. Well wonder no more as, to help you make an informed decision, here’s a brief breakdown of what each country has to offer as well as what makes them not very ideal.

1) Security

Croatia is a comparatively safer country than Italy as it enjoys a somewhat stable economic climate thanks to the huge helping hand it gets from the tourism sector. Italy also has good security however the country is a bit prone to pickpocketing- and thereby identity theft- and the vice has risen to alarming levels in recent years.

2) Food

Croatia has a huge and rich cultural heritage particularly with regards to exotic fish species and vegetables/fruits but it is still quite some distance behind Italy with regards to cuisine finesse. From tasty Pizzas and lasagnas to delicious indigenous meals, Italy is a country whose food prowess spreads far and wide.

3) Beaches

The two might share the same endearingly blue waters but there is a significant difference in the quality of coastlines of the respective nations. Croatia tends to be the more active of the pair courtesy of its beautiful surrounding islands and unique water features that make it a great shoreline to sail around by renting a yacht. It is also buzzing with many water sports from kayaking to windsurfing because of the favorable environmental conditions. On the other hand, Italy’s coastline is a little less reserved although its sandy contours are nonetheless still gorgeous

4) The ‘Rome’ factor

Rome is one of the most famous cities throughout history and it is also one that has managed to withstand the test of time commendably well. Italy’s capital is oozing with bulging tales of past empires and compelling ruins and while Croatia is also littered with Roman memorabilia at almost every turn, the former still remains a step ahead in this regard.

5) Friendliness

Italy is by no means unwelcoming but truth be told, the Croatian people are more warm and receptive to tourists in comparison. They are always willing to help and often do so with a smile on their face. The Italians are also friendly but not quite like the people of Croatia and this could probably be down to the fact that many Croatians are well adept in the English language while the Italians are particularly fond of their own language.

6) Difference in landscape

While Croatia has the upper hand when it comes to the beach and sea havens, Italy seemingly has the better inshore picture with beautiful cities such as Venice and Rome being among the most popular prized jewels. The latter is also imbued with mountains and lakes to explore but Croatia remains the better landscape for hiking and camping.

7) Accommodation

Obviously accommodation rates differ from one part of a country to another but generally speaking, the packages tend to be a tad cheaper in Croatia not to mention much more welcoming. They offer more affordable rates with spectacular views of the country’s wonders.

It all boils down to this one question: Italy or Croatia? Well, the answer isn’t as straightforward as yes and no because these two alluring nations both have lots to offer. Each country is the ideal summer vacation in its own right and which one you’ll choose will largely depend on what your definition of a good summer gateway is.