OpenTimeClock provides much-needed efficiency for tracking government employee time.

December 12, 2023: Publicly funded projects are always under a ton of scrutiny. Voters want reassurance that the programs they spend tax money on are operating at maximum efficiency. One of the best methods to help manage the employees, researchers, and support teams working on these projects is with OpenTimeClock. Designed with intricate attention to the diverse needs of its users, this software is all set to redefine the dynamics of time tracking in large-scale infrastructure projects and beyond.

Let’s use much-needed infrastructure projects as a critical example of how OpenTimeClock can transform operations. So many towns need upgrades on highways, roadways, electrical grids, water management, and bridges at risk of dangerous breakdowns. Managing these vast projects, especially regarding human resources and tracking work hours, often poses challenges. This is where OpenTimeClock steps in with its avant-garde features.

OpenTimeClock’s Face Clock feature, a state-of-the-art facial recognition system, eliminates the need for manual logins or card swipes. It ensures a quick, efficient, and secure way for employees to clock in and out. That is crucial for any team or worker stationed at remote job sites with sparse internet. In those cases, using the Landline Telephone Dial-In feature becomes indispensable.

Government projects demand close attention to monitoring costs. OpenTimeClock rises to the occasion with its Job Tracking functionality, making it straightforward to track hours dedicated to each task and calculate the corresponding cost. The real-time insights it offers could mean the difference between staying within budget constraints or spiraling expenses that risk public displeasure.

Security is a real issue in these types of projects. OpenTimeClock offers barcode, RFID, and QR code integration that can quickly scan security badges. There are Web Camera Photo Stamping features for clock in/out verification via smartphones. Managers can even track an employee’s GPS geolocation, manage shifts, time-off accruals, and missed days for better resource allocation on the job site.

To get more info on the current developer API features for your government project, small business integration, or even to boost student support while at university, visit It’s time to provide your team with the easier clock-in option available. Download OpenTimeClock today!