NASA’s Open Source Rover lets you create your own planet Search Engine

At the end of this week, NASA has made herself a working rover, and why? In Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Spastic, there are plans, codes, and materials for you to plan and use — only ensure that you have $2,500 and some engineering information. This thing has not been made from Lincoln Log.

After curiosity on Mars, JPL wanted to make some small and less complex, which could be used for educational purposes. ROV-E, as they called this new rover, traveled with JPL employees all over the country. Although much less costly and more complex than the real Mars Rover, ROV-E was still very expensive and complex for an expensive project. So JPL engineers decided to produce a one that was not.

The result is JPL Open Source Rover, which is a set of plans that mimic the key components of curiosity but uses shelf components.

In a post of the announcement of the OSR, Tom Soderstrom of JPL said, “I enjoyed getting the chance to make this rover in high school, and I hope we will provide this opportunity to others through this project.” “We wanted to give back the community and wanted to reduce the obstacles of entry by giving hands-on experience to next-generation scientists, engineers, and programmers.”

Like the OSR curiosity, “rocker-bogie” suspension uses corner steering and pivoting differences, which allows movement in some area, and the brain has found a raspberry. You can find all the parts in the general supply catalog and hardware store, but you will also need a set of basic equipment: a bands coat for cutting metal, maybe a drill press is probably a good idea, a soldering iron, snip and Watch, and so on.

“In our experience, this project does not take less than 200 hours to build, flexibility has also been made in the plans, so you can load custom applications, connect the payloads and sensors in the brain, and You can modify the mechanics, however, you want. After all, open source, make it your own, and we are really excited to see what the community can add to it. “I would love to have this opportunity to make this rover in high school, and I hope we will give this opportunity to others through this project.”

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