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Mumbai-One stop destination for Shopaholics

Mumbai-known as India’s financial capital is a city which is known for its fast paced life, crowded streets, fun-filled people and above all a heaven for shopaholics. As the complete entertainment industry is based in Mumbai so when we talk about new trends in fashion industry Mumbai is far away from rest cities. And that’s why the residents here love doing shopping in Mumbai markets.

However Mumbai is most famous for street shopping. The markets here everything for all age groups people either kids, college students, homemakers or office goers. One can choose from high range to low range products as allowed by their pocket.

So let’s take a look at five most famous markets popular among Mumbaikars for shopping:

Linking road

Located in Bandra also known for John Abraham’s luxurious penthouse, Linking road is a market every shopaholic must visit. This market is famous for colourful and cheap shoes, bags, fashion accessories and latest trendy clothes. This place is a mix of modern and traditional shopping products where streets stalls contrast with brand name shops. If you are planning to shop from Linking road market, must visit here in the morning as it gets crowded in the evening hours. Scarves, trendy bags, clutch and shoes are what one can buy from here.

Fashion Street

As the name suggest, this street is a place where one can buy all the latest and fashionable clothes and accessories. And that’ why this is the ultimate on stop shopping destination for youngsters and college goers. One can choose form a range of products such as clothing, footwear and accessories from here. Also you can get fake brands names at much cheaper price.

Colaba Causeway

If you don’t have time to mingle in different markets, then this market is for you. At Colaba Causeway you have variety of choices ranging from trinkets, jewellery, footwear, clothes, books, bags, handicrafts, and perfumes. You can wander through the footpaths and look for clothes, shoes, purses, and even jewelry in the latest designs, at the same time you can also step into boutiques and look for branded clothes, etc. Known as the ‘Cultural Square’ of Mumbai, it is surrounded by Well-known buildings like National Gallery of Modern Art, Prince Wales Museum, Regal cinema, David Sasson Library and Jehangir Art Gallery.

Hill Road, Bandra

Starting from Bandra Railway station till Mount Mary Church, this market sells everything from clothes to trendy accessories. Scarves of this market are very popular. Also if you want to avoid evening crowded market then Hill road is the best place for you.

Lokhandwala Market

One who want to shop happily and heartily, then this market is a must visit. The market is a narrow lane filled with almost all kinds of shops and eating outlets. You can get a choice between fashionable Indian and Western wear.  Apart from that, one can also get trendy mobile accessories. There is a lot for Men too. From vibrant colour casual T-shirts too new designs shirts, all comes in much affordable price.