Mars will make closest approach to Earth in 15 years: Apart Just 57.6 million kilometers

The Two planets just 57.6 million kilometer apart and The Red planet is making its closest approach to Earth in 15 years on Tuesday.

Last week, On Tuesday Mar was brighter than normally and will shine even more and view more bigger. Astronomer awaits good viewing through early August.

A Extensive dust storm presently sinking Mars, however, the hiden surface details usually visible through telescope. The Martian atmosphere is therefore packed with dust that NASA’s chance rover can’t recharge — not enough daylight can reach its star panels — so it’s been silent since June 10. Flight controllers don’t expect to listen to from 14-year-old chance till the storm subsides, and maybe not even then.

The good news about all the Martian dust is that it reflects daylight, that makes for an excellent brighter red planet, same Widener University uranologist Harry Augensen.

“It’s magnificent. It’s as bright as associate degree aircraft landing lightweight,” Augensen same. “Not quite as bright as Venus, however still as a result of the reddish, orange-ish-red color, you actually can’t miss it within the sky.” In 2003, Mars and Earth were the nearest in nearly 60,000 years — 55.7 million kilometers. NASA same that won’t happen once more till 2287.

The next close approach, meanwhile, in 2020, is going to be 62 million kilometers, in line with NASA.

Observatories across the US are hosting Mars-viewing events. Los Angeles’ movie maker Observatory can offer a live on-line read of Mars early Tuesday.

The total lunar eclipses on Friday are going to be visible in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. a complete occultation happens once the sun, Earth and moon line up dead, casting Earth’s shadow on the moon. Friday’s are going to be long, lasting one hour and 43 minutes.

Upasana Raghuwanshi
Upasana Raghuwanshi
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