Malik Riaz Hussain Contributions to Pakistan Economy

Malik riaz has just not developed and managed some of biggest real estate projects in the country, but provided employment opportunities to more than 21,000 people, 100,000 families and local suppliers whilst bringing foreign investments worth billions to the country. Still these are just some of the contributions of Malik Riaz to the economy and the prosperity of the country. He is a well known entrepreneur personality and business minded person who is well aware of the benefits of a strong economical setup and its impact on the overall development of a country.

It is mainly via his big list of projects, that he has helped the national economy to grow on solid grounds. All these projects and developments have attracted big time foreign investments whilst providing a big employment opportunity to all the workers around. On the other side, all these projects have made the real estate sector to be formally recognized as a primary industry which is providing employment to thousands of people in the process. Moreover, it’s the only residential society in the country to have been on par with the existing International standards.

Malik Riaz’s hardcore initiatives in the same direction has injected the economy with its long lasting, sustained and developed structure to attract all the funding and foreign investments from overseas Pakistani businessman. There is a big demand of industries dealing in products like cement, paint, glass, bricks, tiles and aluminum which have catered to the increasing demands of all the housing projects in the country.

Bahria Town which is also been termed as one of the best real estate projects in the country, has worked as an epitome for the vision of Malik riaz. Not only it offers the most moderbnised way of living to a number of people around, it makes them meet the residential zone equipped with all the international level facilities. It’s a project equipped with super luxurious villas to Awami villas and various other luxuries apartments coming along with world class facilities. Malik riaz has always worked toewards providing every Pakistani with a home of their dreams at a really affordable cost and his firm has ensured every step forward in the same direction.

It’s simply because of his hardcore efforts and great vision, that has made Malik Riaz Hussain win the prestigious “Businessman of the Year 2008” award by Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Still he thinks that a lot of work needs to be done to empower every citizen in the country with their basic needs like home, food and other stuff. He firmly believes in the fact that the human power combined with high end technology can transform great ideas into life changing realities and all of these ideas cater as a fuel to the unbinding efforts to improve the overall growth of the country’s economy.