Lunar Eclipse and Mars near Earth today in 15 years – See Here

You Can Know, July Is A Constitutional Event For Skywatchers, First Of All, The Partial Solar Eclipse On July 13, Then On July 27, A Moon Eclipse And Now Mars On July 31 In Mars In 15 Years – Here To See How It Is Live.

More than 57.6 million kilometers, Mars will be the closest to Earth today in more than 15 years, and while the best place to observe the Divine Incidence is in the Southern Hemisphere, the red planet will be visible from most parts of India, although not explicitly clear It will be from South Africa, Australia or South American countries.

In addition, a high powered telescope is recommended with a large lens (6 to 8 inches in size), but still, clouds can disrupt the view.

However, for all space enthusiasts there, you can still see this phenomenon in your glory because NASA’s Griffith Observatory is hosting live streams on YouTube.

Here’s the live stream video:

With Mars and Sun on each side, the rare event will see all the three divine bodies falling in the straight line. By October 2020, this red planet will be closest to the Earth.

In 2003, Earth and Mars were “only” 56 million kilometers apart – in the closest 60,000 years it was closest and according to NASA, it will not be again until 2287.

July has been constitutional for Skywatchers; First of all, the partial solar eclipse on July 13, then on 27 July, a lunar eclipse and now Mars is coming closer to Earth on July 31 in 15 years.

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Rakesh Rajput
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