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Let’s face it, everyone is born different and can never perform equally well in every domain. But, we’re too much troubled when our ward doesn’t perform well in the academic part. While we blame the recreation and entertainment activities of child for the lagging performance, there’s a hidden aspect that we often ignore. That hidden aspect is classroom, most of us tend to ignore it, but lower grades also indicate that the teaching approach didn’t work quite well on your child.

Here are a few techniques that must be used to tweak teaching methods in order to make sure that the performance is never below the mark for any student:

Allow students to work together

This technique doesn’t work for some students,as they won’t simply hop into the opportunity to work in group projects, but most of them find it fun to try doing experiments, solving problems, and working on projects involving other students. This type of collective social interaction gets them excited & motivated about activities in the classroom. Through this, the students can motivate each other in reaching a goal. But the teachers must make sure that these groups are well balanced, so that all students contribute equal efforts.

Harness their interests

There’s a lot more to knowing the students than it appears, most importantly, it allows you to relate the course/theory material to those things that your students are most interested in or they have experienced first hand. These interests can be further used to make studies even more interesting and relatable for the students, which keeps them motivated for a longer time. Only a few schools implement these techniques, like made easy school which is ranked as one of the top CBSE schools in gurgaon

Help them find their motivation

It’s a great practice to help students get motivated, this not only improves their performance but also builds their confidence, but by the end of the day they need to generate some motivation on their own. Therefore, teachers must help students in finding some of their own reasons for completing the class work and working even harder. This could be anything, for eg it could be because they find the study material interesting, or wishes to go for higher studies, or just out of curiosity. This is the most powerful reward you can ever bestow on your students.

Clarity of objectives

It is often very problematic for students to keep up with studies, complete assignments or even to perform well in class if they don’t have clarity of the objectives. Students need to know the expectations from them so as to stay motivated & work harder. At the beginning of the session, clear objectives must be laid out including the rules, and expectations from the students so that there is no confusion regarding the goals to work for.

Giving them a sense of responsibility

Another great way to build an understanding and to give students a sense of responsibility & motivation is by assigning them classroom jobs. It is noticed that most of the students look at these opportunities as a privilege rather than as a burden, therefore they work harder to make sure that including them, the other students are also meeting the expectations. It must be ensured that other all the students are allowed to take turns in leading activities like these so that everyone feels equally important as well as valued.

Tracking the progress

It’s often a tough task for students to realize that how much they’ve accomplished, especially when it comes to the subjects that give them a hard time. Tracking plays an important role in the classroom, this is not only for teachers but also applies for students. Teachers must implement use tracking in a way which motivates students. This allows them to get a visual on how much knowledge they gained and improved in each subject as the year passes.

Make things fun

Class work doesn’t necessarily need to be a game or fun time, but students who look at school as a place of having fun, can be easily motivated to pay more attention and complete the work that’s required from them and it will no longer be looked upon as by adding some fun activities in your school routine can greatly help those students who find it hard to stay engaged and make the classroom an extremely interesting place for all students.

So as to conclude, these time proven techniques must be implemented in the teaching pattern in order to boost performance of students by making sure that the classroom isn’t an uninteresting and boring place. These techniques are mostly followed by renowned institutions like MADE EASY SCHOOL which are ranked amongst  best schools in gurgaon.

Abhishek Jain
Abhishek Jain
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