Our students have their exam period in about a few weeks. They are now already challenged by the double-edged sword i.e. of expectations and performance. It is both crucial and determining moment in terms of their self-esteem and self-confidence. So we as parents and teachers need to be extra cautious in respect to our approach towards sketching an honest picture of them and life, in tackling their anxieties, fears, moments of despair, overconfidence, complacencies, etc. We need to adapt ourselves to the role of an able, non-judgmental, comforting, supportive yet candid mentor.

In this marathon of exams we need to ensure certain non- negotiables and they are:

‘Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it,’ motivate our children to believe in themselves and believe in good things. Encourage them towards positivity and affirmations. Also teach them that hope is a good thing. It is miraculous and therapeutic.

As true for adults so is in case of students, in fact, it is true to every human, a sense of control is indeed gratifying, empowering and liberating. Through mindful grooming we need to instill this sense of control in our students so that they remain strong inside and get least affected by external happenings in their life be it success or failure. We need to communicate it emphatically to our students that we are there for them, that we believe in them and strengthen the inner circle of control in them. CBSE affiliated schools in Gurgaon are helping their students becoming future-ready with emphasis on lifeskills based curriculum.

Once a paper is done, good or bad, remember ‘the die is cast,’ there is no space for regrets and no point of whining as the situation cannot be changed. Analyze your performance, areas of improvement, derive learning for yourself and move on. Learn and teach them to let go.

Our children have come a long way, help them keep their motivation at this nth hour when they are all set to take the leap. Let them not sob, fear or overthink. Help them maintain an unwavering focus.

Remember after all we are humans, nourishment is basic to our existence. Children must eat, sleep, drink well even before studying. As their physical well-being will ensure their peace, concentration, focus and energy levels. Overall mental productivity.

Study – Practice – Revise again Study – Practice – Revise and again Study – Practice – Revise …….one shall find his/her way. Understand this is the only mantra to effective learning and success. One must not tire. Just keep going.

Have you seen ‘a tired cat?’ Possibly no. as cats know the art of relaxation, of softening their tensed muscles by simply letting it slack. We need to teach our children to relax while they work by loosening up. Remember, we never get tired because of working hard but because of negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings that make our muscles tensed causing fatigue. Not to forget exercising is one of the best ways to unwind.

Anything is impossible, only if we believe it is. So let us believe otherwise.