Linux Shared Hosting

How to Expand Your Website With Top Linux Shared Hosting-Onlive Server

Linux Shared Hosting-

Generally, Linux Shared Hosting hosts websites, web apps, mobile apps, and various web services utilizing the operating system called Linux Shared Hosting. It means sharing a part of the physical server by multiple users from various accounts at the same time. If you use shared hosting, it means you are sharing a part of the resource with different users. It is an OS that is useful to describe your administrations in a different way dependent on features, access, quality, speed etc., and some more.

In case, if you are planning to start your own blog, website, where you will perform indefinite activities, then I will suggest you use Linux cPanel hosting. It is the most-great choice and today we will clarify it for you. It is best suited hosting service by any hosting provider. The only thing is to find out some top Linux shared hosting plans that offer best features and guarantee to improve your web performance.

What are the Steps to Build an Online Company?

Anyone can grow their presence online. People connect to your business quite simply when you have a website. Present, what matters most is how you treat them. This will help to build a long-term connection with customers. Make social media pages and add your links to your website.

The great Linux Shared Hosting companies give you the power to do what you want on your website. Hence, you can select what is best for your business.

Advantages of Linux Shared Hosting-

  1. Cost- It is the important benefit for most is the price. Since it is an open- source platform, there’s no charge to use it for your hosting. It allows hosting companies to keep their prices lower compared to Windows hosting.
  2. Security- Certainly, it is very important benefit of a Linux Shared server, especially for shared hosting, is the security. It’s an operating system to verify again to be more secure than any other choice.
  3. Reliability- Since, it was one of the first operating systems created, it provides better reliability than Windows.

Reasons To Choose Linux Shared Hosting-

  • Reasonably Priced Hosting- It is an operating system that is free to use. It means various resources and software programs will be free. Linux Web Hosting helps to maintain the cost down, which is an indirectly reasonable hosting solution for their customers.
  • Stability and Performance- It offers better uptime with stable Linux servers. Some shutdowns make this hosting platform makes its performance officially of completing needs. Various users & multiple devices can work at the same time without controlling performance.

Why Linux Shared Hosting is the best choice?

  • It is one of the best Linux Shared Hosting that practically host plans are simple to appreciate in your hosting. Since of the affordability of these plans, the users prefer this business website hosting.
  • It is great for business people and website keepers who consider beginning their own online business. It is basically a fresher’s decision that gives all the assets expected to your website hosting.

How to find Right Linux Shared Hosting?

Clearly, any sort of hosting is good as long as the hosting provider backs it up. On the unfair chance that you pick a Linux hosting organization without extraordinary features or uptime, you must know to take incredible advantages of utilizing Linux for your hosting purposes. With a high Linux shared hosting service provider at your side, you can explore the various advantages of utilizing Linux 24*7 non-stop.

Onlive Server provides the Best Reseller Hosting at affordable prices.  It allows the business owners to utilize the resources of a web hosting company and sell them under their own brand. You get customers for your brand.  In Reseller Hosting, you can create a shared hosting environment, in which, various accounts are hosted on the server under your observation. It’s you who will choose the name of the server and pricing of hosting solution.


Your challenger can beat you if you select the wrong hosting service provider. If your site does not work at proper speed, weekly and monthly visitors may decrease. Some company can use our fast-hosting solution to maintain a good speed on their website. For the fastest website, dedicated web hosting is examined perfect.