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What is cPanel hosting?

CPanel hosting is the simplest and most popular web hosting control panel available. CPanel is included with all of our web hosting packages. In its context, cPanel is a simple web hosting. If you are a small business owner who wants to build and maintain a website. Whether you are a store owner, a company. Or a technology specialist, cPanel makes it difficult to manage your website files, mailboxes, and information from your website. PC, tablet, or phone.

Save time and money. We went a long way and customized our cPanel to include. Additional tools such as 1 Click App Installer. PHP selector, and Website Builder to give you more control and more access to your Ecenica Web Hosting.cPanel removes complexity related to land reform. Using the dashboard, users can quickly install content management systems and manage domain names, info, and site backups.

CPanel is an easy-to-use control panel that makes managing your website and server easier. Allows you to edit your website files, create MySQL databases, manage domains, FTP accounts, and email accounts, and perform many other administrative tasks with your web hosting account. CPanel can often be used to manage different types of web hosting, including dedicated servers, Shared Hosting, and reseller hosting. At Hostinger we only offer shared hosting with cPanel however.

Why should I choose cPanel hosting?

CPanel is a well-known platform and is often offered by web hosting providers. Although it simplifies some of the more complex problems of technology and development, it is understandable, easy to use, and easy to use. The forum is designed with the end-user in mind, using a clear interface to click and click. It removes entry barriers, making it accessible to users of all experience and skill levels.

What are some other ways to host cPanel hosting ?

While the cPanel control panel is the most popular method offered by most hosting providers. There are some good options that may be tailored to your needs.

For example, here at Hosting, we provide our cPanel with our many hosting plans. It is similar to cPanel but has significantly improved visibility and ease of use.

Features of cPanel

Email: Customer communication is essential to building your business model and alerting customers to new updates and discounts on your organization. Managing business-specific email addresses and filters can be time-consuming and laborious. CPanel provides several tools that allow website owners to control all aspects of their email strategy through simple user interactions.

Domain Management: Building a site means creating sub-domains, adding domains to their hosting account, and more. CPanel has features that allow for easy domain management. So they can focus on running their business instead.

Site Security: Due to the latest laws such as the GDPR and CCTA. The privacy of customer data is more important than ever. CPanel gives website owners the ability to protect their site from external threats and secure access to their site server.

File Management: cPanel provides file management tools to help website owners reduce the hassle when managing their email accounts, CMS platforms, and users accessing the site via FTP.

The cPanel file section includes all the website files that make your website work. WordPress files include theme folders, plugging, media, and more. Your WordPress files on the host server. So this is the main reason you need to host first. The cPanel dashboard has features for viewing these files, supporting them up, and completely changed.

To access the files on your site, go to the Files section, and then click File Manager. Here, cPanel allows you to add files and folders, and upload files that may not exist. For example, you can upload a theme file here instead of a WordPress dashboard. Many anonymous providers provide file storage tools. This is very common for strangers, so this is where you can set how often you would like to make backups and get recovery files in case something goes wrong with your site.

How do I use cPanel hosting?

Due to the amazing features of cPanel and technology. we recommend that you contact a hosting company. That way, you will have Customer Support services that will handle all technical issues and correct you for errors. Contact us at Broad drive here; we have all your web hosting and domain name management requirements

The benefits of cPanel hosting are

1. It is not very expensive.

2. Webmail interface.

4. It has advanced features for site and content management.

5. The interface is easy to use and understand, even for people who have never used it before.

6. File manager with advanced functionality, including FTP access.

7. Automatically update software packages to ensure you are using the latest software version of your site on your server.

8. Ads make it an easy-to-use option for users who do not want to advertise with ads.

9. Many extensions are available in cPanel, making it easy to customize your website.

10. The control panel is easy to use. So you can change settings without having to learn. Complex coding languages ​​or computer programming skills.

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