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Cheap Linux VPS Hosting  – Onlive Server

Onlive Server now offering Cheap Linux VPS Hosting that is best as Low-Cost Web hosting. It is an operating system in which you don’t have need a license to use this. The inexpensive Linux VPS hosting is excellent for a low dealing budget, also it contains panels such as cPanel and Webmin. It has more features than Windows hosting and offers more services than other hosting providers at a cheap price. Onlive Server provides PHP, MySQL databases, Email accounts, and many tools that every website owner needs.

Why Choose Cheap Linux VPS Hosting?

A dedicated web hosting account is a necessity for any business to operate successfully online. However, not all companies can afford expensive packages with features they will never use. If you want to work on a tight budget but need your own dedicated server, there is an alternative. Cheap Linux vps hosting can help your business be visible online without costing you an arm and a leg. As long as you understand that it doesn’t provide unlimited resources. It costs less because it shares hardware with other users—the cheapest Linux vps hosting offers several advantages over shared or reseller hosting accounts. In some cases, it’s also preferable to virtual private servers (VPS) for businesses that don’t require full root access.

Pros And Cons Of Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

Before we talk about some of the benefits and drawbacks to consider with cheap Linux vps hosting, it’s first important to define what a Linux vps is.

First off, there are three major operating systems (OS) you can use: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The basic difference between Windows and Mac OS X is that one is proprietary and one is open-source both have advantages for different users. With regards to cost, a basic comparison between these two could look like this:  A high-end Mac computer system can cost thousands of dollars. While a mid-level Windows PC might be less.  As for Linux, however, as an open-source operating system, it doesn’t require licensing fees and costs next to nothing—making it far more inexpensive than either Apple or Microsoft products. In fact, an entire server installation of Debian Linux was under $10 per month in 2021–and while no company offers truly free hosting anymore, Onlive Server provides low-cost alternatives (around $9/month).


Our best cheap web hosting service is compatible with any kind of operating system including CentOS and Ubuntu Operating System. You can use any applications you want using the cheapest VPS hosting services because everything runs smoothly on our network including the latest technologies. All these specifications will provide you complete freedom when doing anything related to your website without being afraid about losing any data or having a slow-speed internet connection anymore. Popular Scripts: phpBB, WordPress, Joomla, and ZenCart with absolutely no cost on the client’s behalf; all these scripts will be installed by us with just one click of a button without any fee charged from you or your customers as long as you are using our servers and not resold, rented or transferred to third parties in any form whatsoever.

Cheap Linux VPS -Security Features

The Cheap Linux VPS also offers a range of security features to its user. The cloud or virtual servers are a type of computer hardware platform, which is on-demand. Two Types of servers are there: private and public. The public server allows everyone to access it, but the private server allows only authorized users to connect with it. Thus, there is a way to choose your own security level for a low-cost Linux vps hosting service that can be purchased from our cheapest web hosting provider ( Onlive Server ). You can easily set up password protection features with different protocols such as FTP, SSH, HTTP among others. Also, we’re offering MySQL databases support with free software such as phpMyAdmin and more.

Useful Tools For Free

If you’re looking for a hosting service that is not only cheap but also reliable, you’ll definitely love Onlive Server. The company offers a selection of tools that will enable you to host your site on a low budget. Many web developers and designers never had any problems with their services. One of my favorite things about them is that they offer unlimited email accounts for your Domain name. This really makes it easy when you are trying to get work done with multiple clients, especially if they do not want to use your service provider’s email system.

Easy Account Management

One of my favorite aspects of Onlive Server’s low-cost Linux hosting is how easy it is to manage accounts. You can create, upgrade, suspend and delete accounts from a simple interface. There are no convoluted menus or hidden options that need to be uncovered before you can take action. This simplicity eliminates any possibility of technical issues arising when I need to modify an account. We are having an easy-to-use Control panel in which we will provide access via password to our clients so. They can change their website settings according to their needs. Control Panel: cPanel & Fantastico.