Get The Customized Shot Glass: Best Gift For Tequila Lovers

Shot glasses are the ideal gifts for tequila lovers to give away at your events. No matter what the event is, a little shot glass is the ideal souvenir. It is little, well designed, informs you of the day and is useful. What more could you ask out of a gift? To make these glasses even more fulfilling to the people, you can have them customized or etched. Personalized glasses are fantastic because the person will permanently have their own shot glass with their name scrolled across it.

Personalized shot glasses are excellent gifts for tequila lovers that is both attractive and realistic. They are ideal for calculating out particular levels of alcohol for combined beverages or just having a party with your buddies. Personalized shot glasses are formed the same and frequently with little, slim ends and huge platform that stops the glass from showing over. When looking for the ideal customized shot glass, you’ll realize that there are many different varieties of designs and shapes. Whether you are looking for a single or dual shot glass, it’s readily available them with customized pictures, messages, and even names. The best shot glasses are made from durable glass and will coordinate with the rest of your barware and kitchen décor.

Imagine the look on their face when they open the package and discover their new favourite tequila shot glass! You’ll discover three to four common styles: standard, short, double shot glass, and fluted. These different kinds of shooters mainly differ on the amount of fluid that they keep. Standard shooters keep anywhere between 1.25 and 1.5 oz. of liquor. A short glass, which is also known as a pony, holds less than the standard at about 1 liquor ounce. These are more popular than you might expect since many mixed drinks only called for dual shot glasses have more size and fluted shot glasses are for the particular kinds of alcohol, like tequila. Regardless of the type that you need for your bar, you’ll discover plenty of customized glasses in all designs.

Shot glasses which are gifts for alcohol lovers are little glasses that are meant to support liquor in measurements of 25ml to 50ml. A try glass is usually used to assist powerful mood and liqueurs in appropriate quantities, and even to assist little drinks. Shots are generally intoxicated in a quick-fire manner, hence the name ‘shot’. Despite their little size, shot glasses will often have a dense platform, which is ideal for slammers, which require the drinker to ‘slam’ the glass on the bar top.

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