Expert Guide to Great Business Meeting Lunch

Business lunch is all about the long and boozy meetings, with deals being discussed over food, some happy sky high fives, some rejected proposals. The reality is much different than everything written above. Certain kind of business meetings are the ones more productive over a face to face lunch while others just suffice well on a phone call. Lunch is a pleasant and relaxing experience for the team. Here are some important things to keep in mind to make a great business meeting lunch.

  • Venue and place of seating – The potential success of any business begins with the right location. Don’t go for a difficult to find venue, a place you have never been before. These are some of the mistakes committed by people when booking a business meeting lunch venue. Business meeting restaurant in Sydney the one you know about better and you have been there before or read some good reviews of the same. Be specific about the table. A communal table would lower your chances of making any personal connection, due to the loud and noisy venue.
  • Get to the point – Be sure that you understand the purpose of the business lunch meeting and turn up on time for lunch. Don’t wait for the lunch to end to broach the reason and purpose of the meeting. Don’t feel or show signs of awkwardness as they can decrease your chances of making it big.
  • Drink up – The decision to take some alcohol must depend on your judgment. Whether you can hold yourself together even after drinks, or whether you just want to stay sober and crack a deal instead. Some people gain confidence with some drinks while others just succumb themselves to their insecurities. Business meeting restaurants in Sydney offer you the choice of other mocktails that you can definitely take instead of cocktails.
  • When the restaurant offers the bill if you are the party who extended the invite must offer to pay for the lunch. In case the cultural norms suggest that the PR person picks the bill and offers its services in return of a successful meeting. It is decent courtesy to pay the bill and not keep looking for the other party to offer to pay the bill. It would be great if you understand your stature and don’t lose the sight of what is right. 

The above mentioned are some of the pointers to keep in mind when finding the right business meeting restaurant in Sydney.