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Discover the beauties of Western Australia

If you are looking for the hidden gems of Australian natural wonders, book a flight to Western Australia and indulge all your senses in the best the Land Down Under has to offer. Numerous national parks, excellent food and extraordinary wine along with some of the friendliest locals you will ever get the chance to meet make this area the top destination for tourists. Pack your suitcases and discover the vast beauties of Western Australia.

Visit the famous Pink Lake

Explore the coast of Esperance and its Recherche Archipelago where you can find the Lake Hillier which is incredibly pink. The pink candy coloured lake is a must see. There is only a narrow strip of vegetation separating it from the Southern Ocean. You can explore the lake from the air or go for a walk in its vicinity. What you need to have ready is your camera as you will hardly likely resist taking numerous photos of it. You could go wind surfing near the lake. Scuba diving is also popular but be sure to book a holiday from May to October if you want to enjoy some pleasant weather.

See the ancient sculptures at the Pinnacles

The magnificent Nambung national park is the home to desert sculptures. People from all over the world come to see rocks rising out of sand dunes. It will take you three hours to drive from Perth but it will all be worth it. A lot of people come here from all over the world to see the ancient pillars made of shells. You will have the unique opportunity to enjoy splendid views gazing into the wide blue Indian Ocean. There will be a lot of colourful coral reefs to explore. What is more, you could visit the village of Cervantes where friendly locals can teach you how to fish. There are white beaches you can unwind at.

Relax at the Karijini National Park

There is a place in Western Australia where you can see a lot of waterfalls, gorges and some fantastic emerald pools. The Karijini National Park is ideal for those who are fond of hiking. There are a lot of trails to follow. You can walk to Oxer Lookout and hike until you reach the Hancock gorge. This trail is rather steep so do not go there unless you are an experienced hiker. If you are just doing that for fun you can always alter the trail and go towards Handrail pool where you could enjoy some swimming. Everywhere you look there will be fig trees and you will be able to spot the native animals such as dingoes, goannas and lizards.

Perth is a must see

The marvellous city of Perth is today the fourth largest in Australia. There will be no hustle and bustle like in Sydney, the locals are friendlier than in Melbourne and you will get to see the best cuisine there is in Australia. You can enjoy stand up paddle boarding, swimming and sailing at the Indian Ocean or you can take up a cruise along the Swan River. If you are interested in history and tradition, you should definitely visit the Perth Cultural Centre where you can see art galleries and wonderful museums. This city is ideal for tasting some of the best food in Australia. What you need to do is taste the seafood in the restaurants along the coast, and of course the unsurpassed Australian wine. Go to bottle shop in Perth to get the best wines of the region.

Surf at Margaret River

If you like water activities, all you have to do is book a holiday at some of the resorts in Margaret River. The place is a real hotspot for surfers and stand up paddle boarders. You can enjoy swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling and sailing once you reach Margaret River. White sand beaches are perfect for having a lazy day out too. If you are not up for an active holiday, you can always go whale watching.

The best of nature is at Esperance Bay

If you are looking for turquoise waters, sandy islands and a place to enjoy the lavish nature of Australia, you should pay a visit to the magnificent Esperance Bay. The coastal scenery is stunning but wildlife is what will get you amazed. You will get the opportunity to see a lot of kangaroos, lizards and colourful bird species.

Western Australia is the area where the best natural wonders of Australia are. In order to see beautiful national parks, gorges, lakes and waterfalls, pack your suitcases and book your holiday as soon you can