Could Your Start-up Have A Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia is one of the most popular online sources for reference and information. This particular site has become so well-known and popular that many small business owners wonder if they can simply write a piece about their start-up and get it posted, and get some promotion from there. But this is not always possible as only those with sufficient credentials are able to be approved by Wikipedia editors. Where Wikipedia allows anyone to edit the site and its articles, most often it is suggested to take help from a professional Wikipedia service provider agency to get such a highly specialized work done.


What we have said credentials, is basically measured by Wikipedia with the term Notability. There are several criteria based on which the notability is judged and most important of those is the number of reputed news media are talking about your business. We know that its hard for a startup, may be running for a year or so to get featured in top media, but unfortunately, Wikipedia is the place for the specials and they consider no exception to this.

A Little More About Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a comprehensive, free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Unlike other authoritative sites available for building an online reputation like social media platforms or directories of companies, Wikipedia isn’t biased by profit-seeking business owners who want to have articles about them on the site. To qualify for a Wikipedia article most businesses must already be well known in order to avoid unverified claims which may not be accurate because they haven’t been vetted as truth yet from any outside sources such as reviews or industry journals.

How Wikipedia Affects Ranking

Wikipedia is a valuable resource for businesses looking to improve their search engine rankings. However, the site only includes articles about those who meet its stringent criteria – and most are not eligible.  The Wikipedia page makes it very clear that they do not provide an advertising platform or any opportunity to promote your product; all writing should take on a neutral point of view as well.

Value of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a great source for information on all things. They have detailed posting policies and guidelines which you should read before diving in to write an article. It’s also important that your articles are open, willing to be modified by others like Wikipedia’s way of working! You can guide the content through what you contribute too–anyone has the power to edit any article, but if it feels right then make sure it stays or share with other editors as well!

What’s Important

You should keep in mind that your goal is to contribute knowledge and not promote your business when writing, or else Wikipedia’s editors will reject it. To avoid this you need to provide more than just the details about our company; include any innovative processes, software patents etc., we have achieved so far.