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Onlive Server is offering very affordable and high-quality VPS Hosting plans in India. It has the best hosting plans for your website with proper security. Our team will provide you with the best service for you. We believe that every customer deserves to be treated with respect and care, as we work together to build your business and improve your site’s performance.
India VPS Server is a dedicated server that offers you the integrity of a physical server in a virtual environment. It enables you to use the resources available in the physical machine without sharing them with other customers. If you are searching for a reliable VPS hosting provider, then Onlive Server is the right choice.
Our Virtual Private Server hosting is one of the most reliable and affordable hosting solutions which suits small and medium business owners who need more resources than shared hosting but don’t want to pay the higher cost of dedicated server hosting.

You can choose between Windows and Linux OS –Onlive Server

The OS choice is entirely up to you. We can help you with the setup of your server regardless of the operating system you choose, so don’t worry. Windows has an advantage on software, as it is the most popular operating system in the world and there are plenty of developers who create applications for it. If you need programs that run exclusively on Windows, then you should go for a Windows VPS Server.
Of course, Linux is also a very popular operating system and there are many applications designed for it as well. Most developers will have no problem creating or modifying software to work on Linux-based servers.
There’s no strict rule whether you should rely on a Windows or a Linux VPS server since both are excellent choices and guarantee a high level of stability and performance of your website. However, if you have a special request, our technical support agents will be ready to give their recommendations on which platform would best suit your needs.

Advantages of VPS over Shared Hosting:

Virtual Private Server offers you complete control and root access to the server. This means that you are free to gain access to any part of the server, which is not possible with shared hosting.

The bandwidth offered by a VPS server is much higher than what you can get from shared hosting. This is because a VPS server has dedicated resources for your website and does not share it with other websites on the same physical machine.

India VPS Server offers you better reliability and uptime than shared hosting. The reason is that there are fewer sites hosted on a physical server when compared to shared hosting, where hundreds of sites can be hosted on a single server, making it prone to downtime due to heavy load on the server.

The best part about a Virtual Private Server is that it comes at a much cheaper cost when compared to dedicated servers, making it an extremely budget-friendly option.

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to offer you the best hosting experience possible for an affordable price. We do this by offering you unmatched support 24/7, advanced technology, and a team of experts who have over 20 years of experience in their field.
We have invested heavily in providing a high-quality infrastructure that ensures your websites operate at very high speeds around the clock. Our India VPS Hosting plans incorporate the latest Intel Xeon processors with RAID-10 protected pure SSD storage space to provide you with enterprise-level storage performance with maximum redundancy.
Lowest Price in Market with High-quality Service
India VPS server hosting is cost-effective in price and also gives you a lot of benefits. Compare to dedicated server Hosting, VPS India hosting is fast and reliable. India Virtual Servers comes with many plans that help you to choose one according to your needs and budget. Buy a low-cost VPS server in India by Onlive Server today! India VPS Hosting offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our services. You can buy the best India VPS server from here at a very cheap rate compared to other providers. Order now and get an India VPS server at the lowest price in the market!

Here are some benefits of using India VPS Server Hosting:

  • Easy to use Control Panel
  • Increased Security
  • Cost-Effective
  • High Performance
  • Full Root Access
  • Instant Setup
  • Ultimate Performance
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • Best Hardware Quality
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • High Performance and Reliability
  • Fast Server Response Time
  • Pay as You Grow
  • DDoS Protection


The most important thing you have to consider in order to choose the best India VPS Hosting for your business is the operating system. This can be Linux or Unix-based, and it is essential to think about it when you are planning an investment. So, we provide a lot of different systems, with a basic package including CentOS, Fedora and Debian, and Ubuntu. The choice is yours.

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