Boost Your Business With Windows VPS Hosting By Onlive Server

Windows VPS Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth-

Onlive Server offers Windows VPS Hosting with the best flexibility and capability to run the software you need a private server with all of the power, speed, and management capabilities you expect from a dedicated solution. Whether you’re running your web server, database application, development environment, or e-commerce solution, our Windows VPS hosting has the tools you need to get your job done without complicated setups or frustrating limitations. Windows VPS Hosting is an ideal solution if you need to run Windows-based applications on the Internet, have total control over the operating system and your server resources, or run other applications or scripts on your server. With our Windows VPS Hosting service, you’ll have full root access and control over your virtual machine. You will be able to install additional software or applications as well as modify any aspect of the virtualized server environment including memory, CPU, disk space, and hard drive configuration.


Why Choose Windows VPS Hosting?

While most people opt for Linux servers due to their low cost and ease of use, businesses that require certain software like Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL can only run on a Windows server. While there are many benefits to using a virtual private server service for your business, some business owners want to host their site on Microsoft’s widely used platform instead of Linux. If you’ve got a small business, you might be wondering whether it makes sense to use a virtual private server or if you should just stick with shared hosting.


All our servers are constantly updated and protected against potential vulnerabilities. This helps keep your data safe and protects you from viruses, malware, hackers, or other intruders who may try to access your data. All our services are backed up by a team of security experts to guarantee that everything is secure. Our platform offers hourly backups of all your websites which provide complete protection from any accidental loss or damage of data due to some problem in the server. Here also you can restore backups easily when required. And if anyone breaks into your account he will not be able to modify them as they will be useless as soon as we get to know about it because these are coded backup passwords that cannot be tampered with.

Benefits Of Windows VPS Hosting-

With Onlive Server, you can also get Windows VPS hosting which is fast and secure to use. We have high performance so that your online business runs smoothly and quickly. You can run multiple applications on a single server using Linux and Windows servers. Our company provides 247*7 support so you don’t need to worry about anything while working on our servers. As an added advantage, we keep your data completely secured from attacks because of our automatic backup system. If in case, there is any kind of disaster in your business due to natural calamities or any other unexpected reason then all your files are backed up at regular intervals by us for restoring them instantly so that nothing is lost.

How To Get the Best Discount?

To buy Onlive server hosting India, choose from a huge range of options at discounted prices. If you sign up for an annual package, then you will get an additional 10% discount. Or, if you want to make purchases more frequently, then our Semi-Annual and Quarterly packages are for you. Onlive Server provides blazing fast servers that enable a seamless experience whether it is related to gaming or VoIP conversations or downloading heavy files or videos – not just on your website but also on YouTube, Facebook, and other popular media sharing websites. You can deploy any application without needing to have in-depth technical knowledge on setting up servers. The 24*7 customer support team is available at your service when any issues arise.


Onlive server was founded by a group of IT specialists and professionals, who had immense knowledge and skills in enterprise-level ICT integration. Their joint efforts resulted in the making of Onlive Server. Today, their goal is to provide hosting services that enable one to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction and peace of mind. They have developed an efficient customer support system and it supports 24/7 all over India users. All clients receive dedicated customer service through phone, chat, or email whenever they need help with any hosting-related problems or questions regarding their account management. The expert team includes hands-on experience in data centres management, server configuration, client relationships, web technology as well as marketing communication services.