BBA LLB – When Management and Law & Order Meets

BBA LLB is a 5 year integrated course. The first three years include a BBA training wherein students are imparted with managerial skills in various domains of an organization and studying law course alongside. Post the completion of 3 year BBA course students are imparted intense law training in various domains.

Why you shall do BBA LLB Course

  • For the students who have recently passed their XII examination and are seeking admission in management and law degree, then this course is the right place for you.
  • Saves a year: If one pursues BBA and LLB separately then it will take six year. However if one pursues the integrated course, it will be completed in five years.

Admission Scenario

  • This course costs from a fee from lakh to ten lakhs depending on the college one chooses.
  • Students get a job of upto 30k to 35k as the starting salary on completing the course.

Options after the completion of course

  • Jobs: Students can opt for going with a job and gain practical experience.
  • Higher Studies: Students can choose to go for masters too.
  • Management and Law: This course provides ample opportunities for students to explore options in management and law as well.

This integrated program exposes students to various situations which are crucial in enhancing all over personality of students. It draws a clear path for the students to pursue a managerial and law study. Along with that it also saves an extra year of studying law. There are many options one can try post the completion of course few such options are the: practicing in court, appearing government exams, advocacy, working under a law firm, joining the military, corporate law etc.

Students are provided rigorous coaching in this curriculum which includes internship under court, interaction with the leaders in the field, law practice, etc. Students even opt for moving abroad and work choose to work for the noble organizations such as the UN. Therefore vouching for an integrated degree in law is surely a smart decision as it opens endless opportunities to the pupil. Students are nurtured under the like minded people and this further boosts their confidence in their practice and this henceforth provides a clear vision towards moving in the chosen direction. By getting trained under the guidance of experienced teaches students embark on a professional journey unique to its kind.

Jindal Law School: A Great Place with many Opportunities to kick-start your BBA LLB Career

Jindal Law School has gradually emerged as one of the prestigious institutes in the country offering law courses. Its integrated program (BBA LLB) is a uniquely designed course tapping which ensures practical experiences, projects, live presentation and more. 

A course which nurtures students beyond classroom 

The 5 year course is divided into ten semesters. Subjects like legal methods, Jurisprudence, civil law, labour law, management principles, Business Mathematics, Business Psychology and Organizational Behaviour, Criminal Procedure Code, Juvenile Justice Act, and Probation of Offenders Act etc are integrally studied. By the virtue of the dynamicity of the course pupils are fostered to get clarity as to which path they really want to choose and really serve the nation with.