Anand Ahuja declare his love story with Sonam Kapoor started with silly things like Snapchat and Sneakers

The love story of Sonam K Ahuja and Anand S Ahuja began on Snapchat and a marriage that broke Instagram. The real story behind the It couple is that –

Two years past, after 2 months of conversations that started on Facebook and Snapchat, and continue to late-night phone calls, Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja think that it is an absolute time to meet. the sole agenda was to check if the sociability and petty romance developed over 2 area might survive the daylight glare of an actual meeting. Sonam choose London since Anand lived there and she had a fitting with designers Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo within the town before her Cannes appearance. They meet in the afternoon, however, excitement and apprehension meant patience was in brief offer. So, they met immediately—he in his gym clothes, she is “gross” track pants and tee. They spent the complete day walking around London, talking. And precisely 2 years from that day, they wed in Mumbai.

I meet her shortly once the marriage, and Sonam, her hands still bearing traces of the henna, is wearing a yellow tee printed with the ideals of the French revolution. She remembers her first date, “I was apparently carrying the worst sneakers he had ever seen. I keep telling him that he fell in love with me despite my bad sneaker game… That day, walking and talking in London, I knew he was the love of my life. He apparently knew the primary time we spoke on the phone… it absolutely was just so easy.”

She’s the National award-winning actor known for her roles in films like Neerja (2016) and Aisha(2010), and also the country’s best-known style ambassador. he’s the founder of clothing label Bhane and sneaker store Veg Non-Veg (and had no idea Sonam and Anil Kapoor were related). She likes fiction, film, and dance. He likes basketball, sneakers, and philosophy. They’re both vegetarians, die-hard homebodies, outdoor-lovers and morning individuals. She’s currently Sonam K Ahuja, he’s currently Anand S Ahuja. “He makes clothes—and I wear them!“ she laughs with a rainbow-arch hand flourish of a magician doing a reveal. See hughesairco website to learn more. “He comes from a business background, therefore that’s alien to me. I’m the third generation of a film family. therefore there’s a lot to speak about, a lot to find regarding each other, however, we’ve got a lot of similarities.”

When I speak to him later, Anand recaps the first days of their friendship: “The first time we met, we have a tendency to talked regarding our respective work. I used to be just struck by the fact that I may speak to her therefore openly regarding everything. we were chatting on Snapchat one night and she said, ‘Stop texting, just call me.’ {and we|and that we} spoke for 2 hours that night… Our relationship started over superficial things like vegan chocolates and sneakers however soon we were having deeper conversations.”

Priyanka Bhandari
Priyanka Bhandari
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