An Ultimate Guide to prevent catastrophes through Flame Resistant Work-wear

Flame resistant apparels are a life preserver but only when the wearer wears them correctly. The reason for this is that flame resistant work-wear provides the protection in the fight against numerous work field pitfalls, particularly in regards to Arc flash, flash fires, liquid metal splattering, and much more. All these mentioned hazards are life-threatening, but if the employee had worn the flame resistant work-wear, then the chances of his/her survival are quite high. However, if the employee is not attentive while wearing the flame resistant work-wear and wears it erroneously, not only will his/her life be in danger, but also it will also be below the standards of the Flame industry.

There are some errors and mistakes that the employees do while wearing the flame resistant work-wear. There is a list of errors people make while wearing the flame resistant work-wear. The main error that a majority of the people do is that they wear the work-wear inappropriately. The mentioned below list will assist you in wearing the flame resistant work-wear correctly, there are certain advantages of wearing it, which is life-saving.

Pairing with the wrong outer clothing:

The primary mistake that most of the people do with the flame resistant work-wear is that they pair it with non-flame-resistant work-wear. How could one do this? The answer is simple. On a hot summer’s day, those who work in the flame industry and are supposed to wear inner and outer both of flame resistant material, but some neglect this and thus the outcome is devastating and in the majority of cases, life-threatening. The key point here is that you’re supposed to wear inner and outer both of Flamer resistant material work-wear, so you’re not in danger. If you are in a place where it is cold around the year; then you must invest in proper flame resistant winter work-wear.

Pairing it with a synthetic inner:

Another mistake that people make with flame-resistant work-wear is that they wear a synthetic inner. That is not an issue until or unless that synthetic inner is made from flame resistant material. Majority of the synthetic clothing’s are non-flame-resistant material manufacture. Men especially like to wear synthetic T-shirts like Active-wear and other performance T-shirts which are not made up of flame resistant material. The most dangerous thing about these non-flame-resistant wear is that with the slightest heat, they will melt your skin, thus leaving severe burn marks and if it is exceeded at certain level, and can kill you.

Rolling sleeves up:

The most common thing in the summer season is the rolled-up sleeves of every clothing article, be it a dress shirt or a flame resistant work-wear. If we talk about a particular season, summer is where we see almost everyone rolling up the sleeves due to the hot seasons. But rolling sleeves up in the workplace of your flame resistant work-wear is dangerous. People should avoid doing this with their Flame Resistant work-wear as it leaves the arms unprotected. Arms are the ones that are mostly exposed the most and when some unfortunate event takes place, they’re the one to receive the most thermal heat-wave, thus burning them. Due to this particular reason, Flame resistant work-wear are manufactured while keeping the sleeves full so to avoid such kind of incidents.

Unzipping & unbuttoning:

Unzipping and unbuttoning is another dangerous thing to do with your flame resistant work-wear. Similar to rolling sleeves up, unzip or unbutton your flame resistant work-wear will show your skin which can come in contact with any kind of flame or thermal heat. Sometimes when we neglect the safety measures ourselves, we end up in a catastrophe like wearing non-flame-resistant material clothing under the coveralls. The non-flame-resistant clothing is prone to catch the fire easily.

To avoid this, people can do one thing: get light-weight flame resistant work-wear so to avoid the rolling sleeves, unzipping and unbuttoning the work-wear.


Last but not the least, many people do not tuck their shirts in their pants, their shirts in the coveralls. The standard rule of wearing the flame resistant work-wear is that the shirt is always supposed to be tucked in. What people can do with the flame resistant work-wear is that they can purchase the work-wear which does not have long shirt tails to avoid the heat and other thermal energy traveling down the legs.

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