8 Facts about Black Adam and His Terror

Ever since the news broke out that Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is playing Black Adam in DC’s upcoming movie of the same name, the internet has gone crazy. People want to know all about who Black Adam is and what he can do and what are his powers. Is he the hero or the villain?

Do not worry as we bring to you the best facts that will tell you all about Black Adam and to what extent his terror can go. The movie is all set to release in December 2021 so use online coupon codes from an entertainment store to get yourself a discount on the tickets when they become available.

His Origin

In order to know who Black Adam really is, let us take you to his roots. Black Adam’s real name was Teth-Adam, which means ‘Mighty Human’. He was the son of Ramses II and the prince of Kahndaq. The wizard Shazam chooses him for his purity and decides to bestow his powers to him. However, the wizards daughter Blaze, strikes a deal with God of Death Set and Black Adam does not get Shazam’s power but of other Gods.

As he gets the power, he serves as Egypt’s champion (as intended by Shazam) for a time until he goes back to Kahndaq and overthrows the Government. When Shazam hears of this, he thinks Teth-Adam has been corrupted by Blaze and traps Adam’s soul and powers in a powerful scarab. Adam’s body quickly ages and he becomes a withered corpse. He know becomes ‘Khem-Adam’ (Black Adam) and the scarab and his body is buried in tomb of Ramses II that is found thousands of years later and he rages havoc on the planet again.

Black Adam’s Source of Power are Egyptian Gods

In order to gain his powers, Adam also had to say ‘Shazam’ and get the wizards powers. However, the deal that Blaze had made with the God Set, makes Adam get powers from six Egyptian Gods instead. He had to say the same word but each letter had a different meaning. Now the word ‘SHAZAM’ meant –S for Stamina of Shu, H for Swiftness of Heru, A for Strength of Amon, Z for Wisdom of Zehuti, A for Power of Aton and M for Courage of Mehen. All these powers made him nearly unbeatable.

Black Adam is Telekinesis Resistant

When Black Adam is on a rampage throughout the world. One of the characters J’onn aka Martian Manhunter tries to stop him using his telekinetic ability. However, it does not work as soon as Manhunter enters his mind, he cannot bear the strength and havoc of his mind. ‘Be careful what you wish for,’ is all Black Adam states and reverses the mind control by showing Manhunter image of every single person he has killed. Towards the end, Martian flees to outer space with tears in his eyes because he cannot bear the evilness of Black Adam.

He can overthrow Superman

In the comic, Black Adam has fought Superman on various occasions and it turns out that the Superman who did severe damage to Steppenwolf, cannot harm Black Adam. The punches and blows equal the size of a cannon blast are not effecting both of the heroes in anyway However, Black Adam gains an advantage over Superman because he is made of magic. Magic is the only thing that Superman is vulnerable to, apart from Kryptonite of course. It will be fun to see these heavy weight collide on-screen.

His Slogan is “Kneel at My Feet or get Crushed by My Boot”

Black Adam’s slogan provides the perfect example of his terror. To all the people who wish to be by his side and live have to kneel before him. If he is wronged by any sense, the only way to seek pardon (mostly not granted) is to kneel at his feet. If he does not agree with what others call justice, it will be to either kneel or get crushed.

Black Adam could have led to World War III

When Black Adam lost his wife Isis, he went on to create havoc throughout the world to find the culprit. While looking for the culprit, his rage did not stop as he killed every single man, woman and child in the nation of Bialya. He then headed to mainland China to create more havoc and that is where nuclear weapons got involved. Soon after China, the rest of the world armed up their nukes and some were even fired. It was Black Adam against the world in World War III.

Black Adam defeated Death

In the above mentioned point it is stated that Black Adam was looking for the culprit who killed his wife and caused the downfall of his empire Kahndaq. The culprit was actually the First Horsemen Death and even after feeding of the souls 2,000,000 people Adam killed in Bialya, Death was still powerless against him. He killed Death by first torturing him and digging his fingers through his brain. Then he smashed his skull to the ground and told he’ll slowly kill him overnight. Yikes!

Jabbed his Fingers in Psycho Pirates Eyes

Psycho Pirate was a character who had manipulated Black Adam once and let’s just make it clear, Black Adam does not forget. While Psycho Pirate is working with Lex Luther (remember Dawn of Justice), he crosses paths with Black Adam again. While understanding the danger and trying to reason with him, mid-way through Pyscho Pirate’s convo, Black Adam shoves his fingers through Psycho’s eye sockets. While asked by Supergirl if it was necessary, he replies ‘absolutely’. This shows that Black Adam does not care whose blood gets on his hand and how it gets on there. You and I would’ve surely fainted.

These are the eight terror filled facts about Black Adam and his terror that lives within his enemies up to this day. Which is your favorite moment of Black Adam? Share your thoughts in the comments below.