5 Live-Streaming Options For Online Meetings

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (known as COVID-19) has dealt a heavy blow to so many industries. Cities and states all around the world are restricting large gatherings of people and asking them to work from home over concerns about the pandemic. 

In this situation, conferences and meetings are most likely canceled or postponed. Luckily, thanks to the internet, some savvy organizations still have plans in place to keep the session going, even when participants can’t make it by utilizing digital platforms. 

If you still have an upcoming meeting that you’ve been preparing long before the virus outbreak, these five live-streaming options can be of help.


#1. Zoom Meeting

Zoom should be one of the first platforms that might come across most people’s minds when it comes to online meetings. For the past few months, this platform has become a staple software for businesses to gather online.

Zoom gives you your own personal, permanent meeting ID that you can use to start an online meeting. You can use this ID anytime or schedule for future use.

It leverages AI to detect each user’s voice, so you know who’s speaking what at certain moments. What makes this cloud meeting software even more fascinating is that it offers a generous feature for the free version (obviously, you’ll get more advanced if you join the premium version).

#2. GoToMeeting

Another online meeting solution you can rely on is GoToMeeting. This online meeting software provides you with a user-friendly interface that’s easy to understand and follow.

GoToMeeting creates a private meeting room with a custom link for its users. You can host or join a meeting in just one click from any device- no sign-up required.

It has a third-party app integration feature that includes support for Slack, Podio, Accord, Zapier, LMS, Microsoft Office 365, and many more. That is what makes this software appealing to users that deal with other tools to support their business.

#3. Skype for Business 

Skype is such a familiar name in the social networking landscape. There’s a variation of this software that is designed specifically for small businesses or organizations needs. Skype for Business (also known as Microsoft Lync) allows you to make voice and video calls, instant messaging, and video conferencing, all from one client.

This software is fully integrated into Microsoft Office 365. In this case, online meetings can be scheduled directly through Outlook. You can also start conversations hassle-free from apps like Ms. Word and PowerPoint.

If you’re already familiar and comfortable with Skype’s compelling interface, have had a good experience of using Lync, or a Microsoft user, this software might be your favorite online meeting channel.

#4. Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings is a full-service video conferencing software that lets users host an online meeting with a limit of 200 participants at a time. This software allows you to dial-in a number to join the conference, giving you more flexibility to collaborate with any third parties. 

The special feature uses an auto-text transcript, which automatically creates a transcription for each meeting- while other software mostly offers a recording feature. 

With WebEx, you can only focus on the meeting without bothering yourself to take some notes in the middle of it.

#5. Adobe Connect

The last one (definitely not the least) on the list is Adobe Connect. If you need to host a virtual-driven meeting where you want to conduct breakout sessions, and it has a small number of participants, this software is in a class by itself.

The features that most of its users find extremely helpful is the easy-to-use file sharing. With its function called the “Pods,” it allows users to share files (in any format; handouts, videos, and more) immediately to other participants. 

It’s such a massive help for you as the participants most likely don’t have much time to read the memos or to download the materials before the session.

Wrapping Up

Live streaming options come in handy where face-to-face meeting in-person isn’t possible. It helps a community still be productive even when they work remotely. It also makes the online meeting much more human, which is crucial for users to feel connected, no matter the distance.

The good news here is that online meetings can save a lot of your time and finances, both in terms of traveling and hosting. It also has great potential to unite humanity at an unprecedented scale across the globe. 

Now, you can still virtually connect online with your community in online meetings even during coronavirus shutdown. If you need additional references, you can check other useful live-streaming options in this complete list of video marketing tools.