4 ways to keep kids busy in health-friendly activities during your work hours [COVID Special]

With the pandemic spreading like wildfire, staying indoors has become a much-needed necessity for our own safety concern. However given the global crisis, the lockdown mandated by governments worldwide made it necessary to work from home for adults and study from home for the kids.

Staying indoors for months together without being able to ever go out can take a massive toll on someone’s mental and physical well being, especially if it is kids we are talking about. The biggest problem is when parents have to work from home and the children or child is free and does not have much to do.

Our advice is – do not make them busy on mobile phones for the sake of a quiet environment during your work hours. There are better ways to make them busy. Let’s discuss 4 simple ways to keep kids busy during work hours:

  1. Involve them in a new interesting hobby

Kids are always restless. That does mean it is a bad sign. Their curiosity to know more and impatience sometimes can be bothersome. Introduce a few new hobbies for them. This can involve clay modeling, learning to play a musical instrument, painting or even writing poetry and stories.

When they begin to learn something new, their attention is diverted towards the task and this keeps them busy and mentally happy.

  1. Make exercise a part of everyday routine

Staying indoors 24/7 can take a huge toll physically. That is why having a fixed schedule for a workout routine every day is necessary. Yoga, Pilate, Zomba aside, simple freehand exercises, stretching, etc are fun ways to workout.

Sometimes kids tend to go overboard with their workout routine. So instead of the hard floor, make the mattress the spot for working out.

Jumping or weird exercise poses or even the twists and turns will not cause any accidental injury if the mattress is there to break the fall. Many quality-driven memory foam mattress manufacturer in Kolkata have been noted saying that the demand for quality mattress has been on the rise since the pandemic began, especially among families with kids.

  1. Introduce brain stimulation games

Scrabble, Puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, etc. are some of the best ways to stimulate the brain and develop learning abilities in an interesting way. There are variations in these games that have hidden rewards and punishments I form of physical tasks which make these games a great way to spend time being busy.

  1. Give them new tasks and challenges to complete

Children love challenges more than orders. Make living at home fun by giving them tasks and challenges in form of trivia’s, treasure hunt, gameplays, or even simple maneuvering tactics like ‘who can go to sleep first’.

In fact, since children are bound to spend a long time at home getting good mattresses is a must. In case you are searching for an option, buying a Memory foam mattress in Kolkata is the best decision.

If you do have a pet at home, this is the best time to involve your kids in training and teaching your pets various commands and words. Encouraging the child or children to spend more time bonding and educating the pet will not only help in training the dog but also provide enough scope for children to learn to be patient and kind towards animals.

The Final Word

Physical exercise and mental exercise without overusing the gadgets are the basic needs of everyone these days whether it’s an adult or a kid. These four methods will not only help in building their fitness but also takes care of children’s mental health and well-being in these tough times besides keeping them busy and stimulated. Also, it will sort things for your working hours too.