4 ways to keep kids busy in health-friendly activities during your work hours [COVID Special]

With the pandemic spreading like wildfire, staying indoors has become a much-needed necessity for our own safety concern. However given the global crisis, the lockdown mandated by governments worldwide made it necessary to work from home for adults and study from home for the kids. Staying indoors for months together without being able to ever […]


Sound Sleep is Crucial — Read about health risks due to poor sleep!

How many times you could not sleep during the night and realised immediately that the following day will be an unproductive waste? Such is the power of a good sleep! Now imagine if it continues for days, months or even years. What would you expect? Sleep is regarded as a period of healing for the […]

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Know About Different SSL Certificates – Onlive Server

UK VPS Server Hosting – Onlive Server In this high-technology world, everything comes with multiple choices and instant services with just some clicks. SSL certificates stand for secure sockets layer certificates, an online protocol for a private server, and the web browsers that permits the authentication, encryption, or decryption of the database sent over an […]